Recent workforce studies have shown that while there are approximately 50,000 adults on the autism spectrum in British Columbia, under 20% are in employment that makes use of their skills and abilities. Compared to any other talent group, this represents considerable underemployment and a loss to the economy of individuals with much to offer. There are several reasons for this disconnect. 

First, there are still misconceptions about autism, often on a subconscious level. Many employers believe that people on the spectrum are simply not capable of functioning and succeeding in the workplace. Second, there are a limited number of organizations that have autism-friendly hiring and retention practices. Many are unaware that their practices exclude this talent pool. Finally, the reality of finding a job on the autism spectrum is that the entire job-seeking process, from application to interview and beyond, is biased towards neurotypical individuals. Many people on the spectrum feel that the path to employment is closed to them before they even begin.

Getting outside help

There is good news, though. As companies diversify and hire from the autistic talent pool, they are broadcasting their successes. More companies across many industries recognize people on the autism spectrum bring a lot to the table, from true out-of-the-box thinking to high levels of focus and concentration. However, for the 40,000 British Columbians on the spectrum without a job, the reality of finding work is tough, but there is help available. Talking to and signing up with an autism employment & tech agency like Focus provides many benefits.

First, you are not alone. Second, they know autism and employment. If you are unsure of your strengths and career choice, Focus will introduce you to the services they provide through Orbital Learning Inc, their sister company that specializes in pre- and post-employment services. 

As an agency, Focus will present you to their Clients, potential employers, who are interested in hiring autistic talent in either contract or direct-hire positions. You will have the advantage of bypassing the job search and application processes. Focus does that for you. If you are hired on contract, Focus supports you, your hiring manager, and team for the entirety of the contract. If you are hired directly by our Client, Focus supports you for your three month probationary period and your employer is given the option to extend our support services.

While finding a job can feel daunting, there is help available. Focus makes sure that each individual is treated with dignity, respect, and personalized attention that will make their job placement successful.