Our Hiring Process

We want to ensure that the career path you are considering plays to your strengths and that Focus is a good fit for you.

To do so we have a five step process to hiring.


You contact us by:

  • Completing our online application form or
  • Phoning us or
  • Emailing us or
  • Mailing us (very old school, we know)
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You meet us for a Meet & Greet. In this session, we learn about you and you learn about us. If we both agree, to proceed, then we book the next step.

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We want to learn more about you to ensure that a career with Focus is the right fit. Also, we want you to know what your strengths are and what you may find challenging in the workplace. To learn this information, we offer aptitude and technical skills assessments. These assessments are offered through our sister company, Orbital Learning, a not-for-profit organization.

We share all the results of the assessments with you. If it appears that Focus and you are looking like a good fit, we then proceed to the next step.

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At this point, we may ask you to consider additional training options that are offered by Orbital Learning. The training is comprised of two main categories:

  1. Professional business skills that provide a solid foundation in retaining a job in today’s workplace. This training is called the Employment Retention Training and Assessment (ERTA) Program.
  2. Technical skills if you do not possess them already. See more:
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Once you are ready to join Focus and we agree, there may be a waiting period while we find a placement for you at one of our clients. During this time, we provide employment ready support, such as creating your Focus CV. We do not submit your CV to any of our clients without your explicit agreement. You are also free to pursue other career opportunities at this time. We do not curtail your efforts to seek employment.

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