We have made some changes here at Focus Professional Services Inc. based on your feedback and talent acquisition needs.

We are pleased to announce that we have added a placement practice to our existing consulting services, making us a full IT employment agency service provider. You now have a choice. You can either contract IT talent from us or hire that same talent as your employee or start with a contract and transition to a placement.

Our clients renew their contracts with us or ask to hire our employees. Both outcomes speak to our excellent talent pool and services.

Whether you hire or contract from our talent pool, you receive neurodiversity training and support from us.

Partnering with us as one of your IT talent agencies,you can rest easythat our people have the technical skills you require and are employment friendly; i.e. they possess the soft skills to work in an IT shop and the behaviours and attitudes needed for job retention.

Give us a call at 604-620-0140 to arrange a meeting to discuss your IT talent needs. Let us help you staffyour team with strength and make a social impact. You will be glad you did.