Finding the right employee is always hard, no matter what field you’re in or the position you’re trying to fill. You need to find someone with the right personality fit for your office who wants to work and can do the job you’re expecting of them. There is also a balance to be had about recruiting people from hard to reach demographics; making sure that not only are you getting the right person, but you are doing your part to make British Columbia a better working place for everyone.

It’s estimated that around 60,000 people in BC are on the autism spectrum, of which 50,000 are adults of working age. Shockingly, around 80% (or 40,000) of them are unemployed or underemployed.  This is a large percentage of the population who are left out of the possible work field solely because they don’t fit societal norms or understand social cues that most people take for granted. However, employing someone on the autistic spectrum is the ultimate win-win:

  • A win for you – many employers overlook people with autism because of perceived notions about how they’ll fit in with the workplace. However, many of them are talented and capable in their fields, and with the right support and environment, you can uncover a hidden gem to add to your team.
  • A win for them – by hiring a person with autism into a solid well paying job, you are raising them out of poverty and giving them options on how to build their lifestyle independently. This is the ultimate goal of Focus – to help individuals on the spectrum live their best lives to the fullest.
  • A win for your organization – learning how to interact with all sorts of different people doesn’t end when you finish high school. Introducing someone on the autistic spectrum to your workplace will help everyone learn more about embracing diversity, practicing acceptance and being fair-minded to all people. These skills will radiate out from your workers and improve the overall morale and effectiveness of both your in-house working and interactions with the community and other businesses. You will upskill your management team to everyone’s benefit, and you will be more responsive to external and internal changes to the benefit of your financial sustainability.
  • A win for society – from a wider fiscal point of view, each person with autism who is hired into a meaningful job becomes one more person who contributes to the tax base and the growth of our economy.

At Focus, our goal is to grow demand for employment for people with autism. At a conservative estimate, we believe that over 2,000 people with autism in BC alone have the skills and talents to take their rightful place in our tech workforce. Call us. Make an impact. You’ll quickly see the multiple wins from your brilliant hiring decision.