Why Outsource IT

If you develop software or work with data, you know your software needs to function according to specifications and your data needs to be accurate, reliable, and accessible. If your software or data is of poor quality, you risk frustrated clients, decreased confidence, compromised reputation, loss of goodwill, loss of revenue, and employee turnover. If work needs to be redone, the results are wasted time and resources, higher costs, diminished profit margins and low morale.

Your Options

Whether you are testing software, migrating data, cleansing data or analyzing data, your options are to:

  • train existing staff and deploy them to the task at hand
  • recruit talent either directly or through a placement agency, or
  • outsource, either offshore or locally

Training existing staff carries no guarantee they will be the right fit. Staff may be unsuited to the task or dislike the work once they are doing it everyday. This can affect work quality and morale which can increase employee turnover.

Due to a worldwide shortage of IT talent, recruiting carries no guarantee of finding the right staff at the right time. This can result in lost time, wasted effort and costly placement agency fees.

If you choose to outsource, your options are to go offshore or find a local supplier. The disadvantages of going offshore are:

  • time zone differences
  • challenges in assessing progress and work quality, and
  • miscommunication due to differences in culture and language

By outsourcing locally, you have an exceptional option with Focus Professional Services Inc. Our clients experience outstanding service and value (their testimonials).

Quality Does Matter

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