• The Focus Team performed software testing on the BAR project.
• The Focus team is very efficient and they follow the instructions to complete the tasks as per the plan.
• They are quick learners. In case they face any issues, they try their best to figure out a solution themselves and confirm their findings with the stream leads.
• The team reflects a high level of discipline and punctuality.
• They demonstrate consistent performance and are always willing to help with different testing assignments.
• The “Autism in the Workplace” presentation really helped, especially when communicating with the team.
• We would definitely recommend Focus to other organizations.
IT Quality Assurance Team, Vancity
“Overall, I am truly honored to have been part of this experience and had the opportunity to lead the team first hand. Having them here at Vancity and be a part of BAR not only helped with the work load and created capacity in both areas [data quality and software testing] but also created awareness and provided information to a lot of people of what Autism is.
Carol did an amazing job educating all of us about Autism and I believe her information session helped most of us be more comfortable approaching and communicating with someone that is on the spectrum.
From what I have observed, once our staff were educated and informed about people with a disability and just being around them, we stopped using the “D” word (Disability) and we just focused on their potential and abilities. These folks are very smart and highly functioning and it gives me teary eyes when they tell me how happy and blessed they feel to have this opportunity to work for Vancity and to contribute to BAR”.
Data Quality Manager, Vancity
“I found “The Autism in the Workplace” presentation provided beneficial information. This information not only prepared the Vancity group on what to expect but also how we as a group can help the members of the Focus Group feel comfortable and welcome in the workplace.
The work the Team members (Arya, Han-Lin and Laura) have done has exceeded the volume of what we had hoped to accomplish. The group is dedicated to each and every work Campaign they have been assigned.
Being able to work closely with the Focus Group has been an extremely rewarding experience. I have learned that as individuals we may require a different approach in training or work environment and providing this opportunity to everyone is the first step to a diverse and inclusive workplace”.
Data Quality Team member, Vancity