IT Tech Roles

You will benefit from our IT Tech placements if you can say YES to any one of the following:

  • You develop, revise, or integrate software applications in-house
  • You develop apps for consumers or software products for businesses
  • You develop web-sites
  • You are migrating data from one system to another
  • You have an ongoing data integrity challenge
  • You have lots of data but are unable to extract meaningful information from it
  • You have concerns and issues regarding information and cyber security 

AND it’s a challenge to:

  • Source qualified IT expertise who want to do the work, do it well, and enjoy the work
  • Source qualified IT talent when you need it

AND you place importance on:

  • Quality outcomes within scope, budget, and schedule expectations


Our clients are from sectors as varied as finance and insurance, retail, utilities and hospitality. They also include software product developers, technology manufacturers and crown corporations.

For our software testing services, applications can be enterprise-wide, web-based, and mobile apps. Organizations that benefit from our services:

  • Use software in their internal operations – Nothing stays the same with software. Upgrades and new implementations are part of the ongoing cycle of doing business and keeping up-to-date. With any software implementation, software testing is a necessary process to ensure operational stability and delivery of improved or new functionality.
  • Develop software applications or tools – Software product companies continually upgrade and add new functionality to their product suite. Their market share and client loyalty depends on the reliability of their software. Software testing is essential to ensure the product integrity and the ongoing financial viability of the product line.
  • Develop technology with built-in software – The software is an essential component of the product and must work to specifications. Software testing is crucial to ensuring the product works accordingly and risks are mitigated.

For our data management services, organizations that benefit from our services:

  • Are migrating their data from one platform (paper to digital, for example) or system (different data structures, for example) to another – The migration is a one-time event that can be considerable in scope. There may be data cleansing prior to or after migration. There may be extensive detail-oriented, repetitious tasks to perform. Software may be required to automate as much of the migration as possible.
  • Have data originating from many sources, such as CRMs – Data needs constant cleansing to avoid data integrity issues such as redundancy, inconsistencies, and data entry errors. Data cleansing is a detail-oriented, usually repetitious job.
  • Need meaningful information from their data – Once data has been collected and cleansed, it needs to be analyzed to glean useful information for seeking trends, making informed decisions, and making projections.

For other IT Tech services, such as software development, any organization that develops software whether for internal or external use, will be pleased with our level of quality. 

We can also partner or sub-contract our services. See what we have done for clients in software testing and data quality.

We are proud of our results and track record in delivering to expectations and beyond! See what our clients say about us.