Our Talent Placement Model

Our talent placement model contains four key components to ensure consistency in delivering quality services:

Recruitment & Training of Our Consultants and Candidates

  1. We rigorously select our consultants and candidates through a thorough screening and assessment process. The people we hire must show a passion for professional business roles and possess the aptitudes needed to be successful.
  2. We ensure our ASD consultants and candidates have the business, professional skills to retain their jobs.

Matching our Services to Client Needs

  1. We spend time getting to know your business, your CULTURE, and YOUR NEEDS in regards to roles and talent.
  2. We match our services to your needs —contract or hire, off-site or on-site, under our management or yours. Your requirements determine every aspect of service delivery.
  3. We proceed with a contract only if we can fulfill your needs. Our prices are market competitive.
  4. We prepare up-front for everything that needs to be in place for the delivery of the services.

Our Contract Start-up if we are working on the client site

  1. We prepare our consultants and candidates for your workplace and culture
  2. We give you and your staff training on Autism in the Workplace. We demystify autism.
  3. We identify the key client contact for our consultants and candidates regarding work assignments.

Our Contract Delivery

  1. If on site, we provide support services to facilitate understanding and effective communications among your consultants and candidates and ours.
  2. We solicit feedback on our performance.
  3. If the work is under our management, we provide regular status reports and updates, complying with standard project management practices.
  4. We reflect upon our experiences and continuously seek opportunities for improvement. We invite our clients to participate in this process.