Why Is Inclusive Hiring Important?

For any company to grow and develop, it’s important to have the best quality employees in position. However, it’s also important to have a good variety of workers to avoid stagnation; a company full of the same aged individuals with the same experiences and qualifications will eventually run out of creative ideas as they will [...]

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Top 5 tips for a successful holiday

Holidays are a stressful time of year for everyone, not just autistic people. From the planning, financing and managing of expectations, there can be a lot of sources of anxiety that can turn the holiday from something to be anticipated and savoured to something to be dreaded and panicked about. If you are on the [...]

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The Reality of Finding a Job on the Autism Spectrum

Recent workforce studies have shown that while there are approximately 50,000 adults on the autism spectrum in British Columbia, under 20% are in employment that makes use of their skills and abilities. Compared to any other talent group, this represents considerable underemployment and a loss to the economy of individuals with much to offer. There [...]

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The key role of Autism in the Workforce

While it’s estimated that over 40,000 adults in British Columbia have autism and either out of employment or underemployed for their skills and talents, not many businesses have realized this represents a vast untapped pool of talent. For some organizations, the structural and supervisory changes that would need to be made can feel insurmountable, while [...]

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5 easy ways to create an autism-friendly work environment

Hiring an individual on the autism spectrum will bring so many positive benefits to your organization. For the individual themselves, your job offer will provide a sense of independence and security, as well as unlocking various parts of society that you need a steady source of income to access. For your external brand, you’ll be [...]

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3 ways to make your hiring process more inclusive

It’s a sad truth that 80% of British Columbia’s population who have autism are either unemployed or in work that doesn’t make use of their unique skills and talents. Many co-operations, including JP Morgan Chase and Microsoft, are beginning to realize the myriad benefits of hiring people with autism, from the out of the box [...]

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Managing an Employee with Asperger’s or High Functioning Autism

Autistic individuals in the job market experience discriminating barriers that challenge their ability to attain and retain employment. The belief is that social situations, self-starting, and organization are challenges for these individuals; however, these generalizations are misleading. With the right supports and tools in place, employers will find that autistic employees are reliable, pay attention [...]

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Hidden gems – How people on the autism spectrum make valuable contributions at work

The overall hiring goal of any organization has to be to find the best qualified and most suitable candidate for the open position. However, many businesses are shooting themselves in the foot by passing over individuals on the autism spectrum. In British Columbia alone, there are an estimate 8,000 adults on the autism spectrum who [...]

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The ultimate win-win scenario: employing a person on the autism spectrum

Finding the right employee is always hard, no matter what field you’re in or the position you’re trying to fill. You need to find someone with the right personality fit for your office who wants to work and can do the job you’re expecting of them. There is also a balance to be had about [...]

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