• In the job posting, avoid qualifications that are not essential to the job
  • Waive previous job experience and education requirements in
  • Replace interview with informal meeting and skills assessment
  • If an interview is a must, provide:
    • When, where, who & dress code
    • Interview questions
    • Permission to request adjustments
    • Practice papers/assignments


  • Have workstation and accommodations ready
  • Arrange for volunteer “buddy” who is pro-active
  • Assign team “mentor”
  • Educate staff about ASD
  • Plan the first day – who, what, when, where, how
  • Revisit harassment & bullying policies
  • Provide hours, breaks, dress code, and facilities information


First day, provide:

  • Workplace tour
  • Introductions
  • Policies and procedures
  • Introduction to job and assignments

Probationary Period, provide:

  • Job training
  • Job coaching
  • Clear work assignments
  • Performance expectations
  • Clear feedback
  • ASD coaching and support to team

Retention, provide:

  • Flexibility to take breaks and release stress
  • As much advance notice as possible when introducing change
  • Access to coaching and support
    • ASD individual – job coaching
    • Team and HR – ASD training and support
  • Performance Reviews:
    • Set specific expectations; career goals; and training
    • Provide assurance if performing to expectations
    • Provide reminders of what the expectations are
  • Career Growth and Internal Transfers:
    • Provide information and access to career paths and how to progress
    • Provide temporary assignments into other teams and secondments for potential internal transfers
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