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Why Focus?

  1. software-testing-teamWe provide trained software testers, data technicians and analysts. It’s all we do.
  2. We ensure our employees are continually upgrading their knowledge and skills so you will reap the benefits of applied best practices.
  3. We only hire and retain those individuals who truly enjoy software testing and data services, so there is no morale issue and very little turnover.
  4. Our employees will not make assumptions or have pre-conceived ideas about your software app or your data. This makes them especially good at finding defects and anomalies while providing a fresh perspective.
  5. We employ individuals on the autism spectrum who are normally gifted in their attention to detail and logical and analytical reasoning skills. With remarkable abilities to concentrate and persevere, they turn in consistently strong results.
  6. Our founder and CEO has over 35 years of experience in the world of information technology and business. Her heart is in this business. She has two adult sons on the autism spectrum.
  7. We offer onsite and offsite services. The choice is yours.
  8. We offer the options of a turnkey, fully managed professional service as your outsourced QA department to providing as-needed QA professionals to supplement your team.
  9. We absorb the time and risk of recruiting and training scarce IT talent.

Outcomes of Outsourcing with Focus

We take pride in going beyond expectations. We know how important it is for you to have reliable, robust software and trustworthy data. Your market share, brand reputation, and employee loyalty depends upon it.

Amazing Productivity:

  1. We are fast – we often execute the work faster than other companies.
  2. We are accurate – we keep well within the limits of tolerance for errors.
  3. We are persistent – we get into the zone and we won’t give up.
  4. We are honest – we will tell you what we are thinking and experiencing.
  5. We seek efficiencies – if there is a better way to do something, we will let you know.

Unexpected Impact on the Workplace

  1. You will grow and learn from the experience of working with our employees. As one client noted, she was humbled by the experience.
  2. People feel good about their workplace when they see a social need being addressed.
  3. People feel good about themselves when they experience greater inclusivity.
  4. Communications will become more direct and effective. Sarcasm and indirect statements will decrease. Your work environment will become kinder, more considerate and respectful without losing productivity.
  5. You will experience lower turnover … an unexpected savings.

The opportunities of exploring this untapped resource are significant, especially in light of the severe worldwide shortage of IT talent. Early adapters to working with autistic individuals in the IT field will have an advantage over companies who delay. The sooner an organization internalizes the experiences of working alongside people with autism, the sooner they will reap the rewards.

Employing people with disabilities, particularly people with autism in STEM-related jobs, such as IT, is garnering greater public attention and acceptance. We are a force in the BC market to normalize hiring and retaining individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. We are also working to change policies, procedures, and attitudes to help make that happen.

At Focus, we are your conduit to realizing the benefits of working with people on the spectrum.