About Us

Our mandate is to protect or enhance our client’s market share, brand reputation, and employee loyalty by providing IT Neurodiverse talent, services, and consulting.

We provide our services through the exceptional strengths and talents of our IT candidates, most of whom are individuals with autism. Our vision is to support and influence the social agenda in BC of normalizing neurodiversity in the workplace.

Focus Professional Services Inc. was incorporated on October 29, 2014. Carol Simpson, the originating founder of the company, has over 30 years of professional IT experience and two adult sons on the spectrum.  Learn more about Carol >> 

To fulfill our mandate and realize our vision, we provide specialized, trained IT talent on the autism spectrum and expert-level services in neuro diversity.

Individuals on the autism spectrum often possess extraordinary abilities in pattern recognition, attention to detail, accuracy, and logical sequencing. They can persevere and perform repetitive tasks without compromising the quality of their work, a valued ability in the IT field.

To ensure our IT candidates possess these abilities, we qualify them through a rigorous recruitment, assessment, and training program that has been proven internationally.  Our business model is based on the one developed by Passwerk in Belgium. Passwerk employs 80 consultants on the spectrum and has a solid reputation for quality services. Their methodology has been deployed in several countries globally.

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We are the 2nd company in Canada to deploy the Passwerk business model. The first, located in Calgary, is Meticulon. We enjoy a close business relationship with Meticulon, having shared business processes and lessons learned. By leveraging our collaboration, we have fast-tracked into a productive, operational entity in BC.

Our IT candidates, though talented and competent in their field of interest, have struggled to find and retain employment. This is mainly because they do not fit into the cultural norm of a “typical” employee or understand many of the social cues most people take for granted. Our business model overcomes these challenges.

Of note, other companies are successfully overcoming these same challenges. In North America people with autism have been hired in professional IT careers at companies such as SAP, Microsoft, Ultra Testing, Aspiritech, and Mindspark.

We feel strongly that our IT candidates are our strength. They embody our commitment to an inclusive society.

It is not just about changing attitudes within an organization, but also changing recruitment and retention policies. We can help other organizations with internal policy and procedural changes to improve their ability to identify, hire, and retain high-quality talent.

Culture, philosophies, and values are also important components to retaining employees. You can read our manifesto here >>