Neurodiversity Consulting

During these past few years, Focus has provided IT services to the business community whereby our consultants are on the autism spectrum (ASD). We summarize our success in two statements:

  • Our ASD employee retention rate is over 80%
  • Our business clients renew their consulting contracts with us

These outcomes are a result of considered thought, knowledge, and experience.

In the spirit of our vision to normalize neurodiversity in the workplace, we offer you our neurodiversity consulting services so that you, too, can reap the benefits this unique talent pool has to offer.

We will assist you in understanding what autism is and is not, where and how to source and hire talent, and how to retain that talent.

Give us a call at 604-620-0140 to arrange a meeting to discuss your plans to neurodiversify. We will get you on track to successfully establish and implement a neurodiversity initiative in your workplace. Let us help you make a social impact. You will be glad you did.

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