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We are a full-service hiring and placement agency for individuals on the autism spectrum, specializing in professional business careers such as in the IT sector. We are interested in hearing from you if:

  • You are on the autism spectrum and are considered Level 1 or High-functioning or Aspergers
  • You can and want to work full-time
  • You have a passion for IT or another business professional career
  • You are open to learning new skills

From time-to-time, we also recruit intermediate and senior IT specialists to team lead our employees working at client sites.

To learn more, check out our hiring process and careers. To apply, fill in our online application or email us at

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Job & Workplace Training

Focus partners with its not-for-profit sister organization, Orbital Learning Inc, and provides job and career training for individuals on the autism spectrum. Programs include learning soft skills for job retention and technical skills that are in demand.

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Looking to Recruit?

For employers and agencies looking to recruit ASD Talent, please read about our services here.

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