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Hiring Process

We are hiring individuals on the Autism Spectrum who are interested in a career in software testing or data quality. No previous training, education, or experience is required. If you are not on the Autism Spectrum and are interested in our career opportunities, please fill in our online application. We are a neurodiverse employer.

Our recruitment process starts with asking yourself the following questions:focusrecruitmentprocess

  • Do you want to work full-time?
  • Do you have a passion for computers and/or software?
  • Are you open to learning new skills?

If you answered yes to all three questions, we want to hear from you! Our Recruitment Process has four steps, described in detail below.

Step 1: Submit an Application Form

Fill out our online Application Form here. After reviewing it, we will either:

  • invite you to an introductory meeting by scheduling a date and time, or
  • refer you to other agencies, if applicable, to help you find employment

Step 2: Attend a Meet and Greet

During this introductory meeting, we will discuss details about the job and about yourself. We want to ensure that you are a good fit for Focus and that Focus is a good fit for you.

Step 3: Complete Aptitude Assessments

If you and Focus are a good fit, we will invite you to attend a half-day of aptitude assessments. These assessments will confirm whether a career in Information Technology (IT) is right for you. We will provide you with the detailed assessment results and even if IT isn’t a good fit for you, these assessments can be used as tools to assist you in deciding upon a career path.

Step 4: Attend our Training

If you have an aptitude for IT, you will be offered employment as a Trainee in our Basic Training Program and subsequently our Software Testing Training Program. Throughout the training programs, periodic reviews of your performance will occur. At each of these periodic reviews, you and Focus have an opportunity to evaluate whether continuing in the program is beneficial to both parties.

At the end of the Training Program(s), you will either:

  • qualify as a Data Quality Technician
  • qualify as a Software Quality Analyst
  • exit the program with a detailed evaluation and, if appropriate, a referral to an employment service

Those that complete the Software Testing Training Program are eligible to write an examination to qualify for the International Software Testing and Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Foundation Level Certification.

Questions about our company or recruitment process? Email us at careers@focusps.ca.