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Data Quality Technician

The process of managing data quality, also called Data Quality Assurance, involves data cleansing and data migration.

Why is data quality necessary?

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What does a Data Quality Technician do?

A data quality technician:

  • reviews and analyzes data from various sources and systems
  • identifies and diagnoses errors and anomalies
  • corrects errors in the data
  • documents all activities

Would I be good at it?

A good data quality technician needs to be methodical, have an eye for detail, be comfortable with repetitive tasks, perseveres, and possesses strong analytical skills.

What training and support can I expect?

At Focus Professional Services, we will:

  • ensure training on various techniques and methods for data cleansing and data migration specific to projects assigned to you
  • provide a Job Coach to support you on the job and ensure your success plus provide guidance to your co-workers