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At Focus Professional Services Inc., we place individuals on the autism spectrum in a variety of professional business jobs and careers, such as IT Tech roles.

Regardless of the role you are filling, we provide autism support services throughout your neurodiversity initiative of hiring talent on the autism spectrum. We take pride in offering our clients quality talent and services. Our goal is to become your ‘go to’ agency for neurodiverse talent in professional business roles.

Contract Employees and Permanent Placement

We offer both contract and permanent placements at competitive market rates. Our contractors are our employees. Whether your preference is to contract or hire permanently, if you are new to neurodiversity (hiring individuals on the autism spectrum), you may contract our employees first and later transition them to permanent employees.

Regardless of your placement preference, we provide a full service to ensure your success in the selection and retention of the candidates we put forward to you.

We believe that for neurodiversity in the workplace to be successful, the individuals on the spectrum need to be employment-friendly and the employers need to be autism-friendly. This simple formula is the key to success.

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ASD Awareness

To help you gain knowledge and a comfort level in neurodiversifying, we offer lunch ‘n learn presentations prior to your making a commitment to neurodiversify your workplace.

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ASD Retention Services

Retention services are included with talent placement either for the duration of the contract for contractors, or for a three-month probationary period for permanent placements.

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Quality Talent

When sourcing our talent, you can be assured then when you onboard one of our candidates whether as a contractor or an employee, they have been assessed for aptitude, technical skills, and soft skills.

For the technical skills, our candidates either have the certifications and education required for the job or they have been assessed by an independent third party that they possess the knowledge and skills required for the job.

For the soft skills which we call Employment Retention Skills, our candidates are certified as having successfully completed an 80+ hour training and assessment program designed specifically for ASD individuals and provided by our sister company, Orbital Learning Inc.

Plus, all our candidates are assessed for aptitudes in:

  • Perseverance
  • Ability to learn experientially
  • Attention to detail
  • Accuracy
  • Critical Thinking Abilities
  • Logical Processing Abilities

You can be assured that when we present a candidate for you to meet, we are confident in their ability to be a strong contributor to your goals.

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