Autism 30 Podcast Interview

Our very own Carol Simpson was recently interviewed on the Autism 30 Podcast! See and listen to the details below: Who is Carol Simpson? The history of Focus Professional Services Inc. Why she created the company. The Company manifesto. What they do. Neurodiversity consulting. Why language is so important. Their business model. Different [...]

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Vancouver Entrepreneur podcast interview

Carol Simpson has worked in the IT field for over 30 years, managing departments with 60+ IT professionals and project budgets of $50M. Her career began in Vancouver as a programmer at IBM Canada and moved on to operate her own software development shop. She now runs Focus Professional Services and is one of a [...]

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Global News: Vancouver IT company champions hiring people with autism

The founder of a Vancouver IT company has tapped into an unknown source of high-quality consultants, all performing at the top of their game, all with autism. Catherine Urquhart explains. See interview >>  

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