Neurodiversity Consulting

During these past few years, Focus has provided IT services to the business community whereby our consultants are on the autism spectrum (ASD). We summarize our success in two statements: Our ASD employee retention rate is over 80% Our business clients renew their consulting contracts with us These outcomes are a result of considered thought, [...]

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IT Placement Services

We have made some changes here at Focus Professional Services Inc. based on your feedback and talent acquisition needs. We are pleased to announce that we have added a placement practice to our existing consulting services, making us a full IT employment agency service provider. You now have a choice. You can either contract IT [...]

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Neurodiverse Practices – How to Retain Employees with Autism

How to Retain Employees with Autism Once you have made the investment to hire an employee with autism and actively support them through the probationary period, it makes sense to do everything possible to make sure they stick around – especially when you discover just how productive, reliable and loyal employees on the [...]

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Neurodiverse Practices – How to Onboard Employees with Autism

Onboarding Practices for Employees with Autism You’ve taken the first step and hired a person with autism. Congratulations! Your next challenge is to ensure that the transition into the organization is as smooth as possible for both the new employee and your existing staff. There are four key steps to onboarding an employee [...]

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Neurodiverse Practices – How to Hire People with Autism

How to Hire People with Autism  Companies that hire people with autism have found them to be some of the most creative, thorough, and reliable employees they have. This is not a grandiose claim; I speak from first-hand experience. Over the past three years, I have successfully recruited, trained, placed, and hired many [...]

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Unconscious Biases – Career Progression for People on the Autism Spectrum

Unconscious Biases Career progression for people on the autism spectrum In a neurotypical world, career progression is about gaining skills, experience and responsibility, earning more money, and climbing the proverbial corporate ladder. It is not as straightforward for people on the autism spectrum. In my years of working closely with companies that neurodiversify, [...]

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Unconscious Biases – Work Assignments for People on the Autism Spectrum

Unconscious Biases Work assignments for people on the autism spectrum Most people on the spectrum who manage to find a job – which is a challenge in itself – are typically underemployed. This is due to the unconscious biases that exist regarding the capabilities of an autistic person. The most common being that [...]

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Unconscious Biases – Workplace Suitability for People with Autism

Unconscious Biases Workplace suitability for people on the autism spectrum At Focus Professional Services, 70% of our employees are on the autism spectrum. We are financially viable and our business model is sustainable. We are living proof that hiring individuals on the spectrum is “bottom-line” good for business. So why aren’t more organizations [...]

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Why Neurodiversify – Impact on Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

Why Neurodiversify? Impact on People with Autism Many people with autism survive on disability pensions, in poverty, with very few options. The very nature of their autism makes getting and keeping a job almost an insurmountable challenge. Equally frustrating to autistics, is society’s expectations that people on the autism spectrum should “adapt” to [...]

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Why Neurodiversify – Impact on Corporate Culture and Productivity

Why Neurodiversify? Impact on Corporate Culture and Productivity The two biggest concerns employers have when hiring people with autism are: Will they fit in and will they be productive. Truth is they may not ever fit in socially, but they will fit in when it comes to their productivity, work ethic, and loyalty. [...]

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