Unconscious Biases – Work Assignments for People on the Autism Spectrum

Unconscious BiasesWork assignments for people on the autism spectrumMost people on the spectrum who manage to find a job – which is a challenge in itself – are typically underemployed. This is due to the unconscious biases that exist regarding the capabilities of an autistic person. The most common being that everything must be [...]

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Unconscious Biases – Workplace Suitability for People with Autism

Unconscious BiasesWorkplace suitability for people on the autism spectrumAt Focus Professional Services, 75% of our employees are on the autism spectrum. We are financially viable and our business model is sustainable. We are living proof that hiring individuals on the spectrum is “bottom-line” good for business.So why aren’t more organizations neurodiversifying? Partly it is [...]

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Why Neurodiversify – Impact on Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

Why Neurodiversify?Impact on People with Autism Many people with autism survive on disability pensions, in poverty, with very few options. The very nature of their autism makes getting and keeping a job almost an insurmountable challenge.Equally frustrating to autistics, is society’s expectations that people on the autism spectrum should “adapt” to the neurotypical world and [...]

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Why Neurodiversify – Impact on Corporate Culture and Productivity

Why Neurodiversify? Impact on Corporate Culture and Productivity The two biggest concerns employers have when hiring people with autism are: Will they fit in and will they be productive. Truth is they may not ever fit in socially, but they will fit in when it comes to their productivity, work ethic, and loyalty. [...]

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Why Neurodiversify – Impact on Economy & Organization

Why Neurodiversify? Impact on Economy and Business To understand why it makes sense for organizations to neurodiversify, let’s consider the facts. There’s no denying the fact that talent is becoming more and more difficult to source worldwide. In British Columbia, the shortage of talent predicted is significant and will have a negative impact [...]

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