Our Team

At Focus Professional Services our professional business consultants and candidates are our competitive advantage. Most are on the autism spectrum and all possess unique abilities, such as:

  • They are naturally focused, accurate, diligent, and detail oriented.
  • They have unique filters, making them more open to recognizing patterns and seeing things exactly as they are, without expectations or assumptions.
  • They have normal to high intelligence, an extraordinary sense of duty, and a passion for the world of technology.

Our consultants and candidates are also fascinating, distinct, unique individuals!

Meet some of our team:

Carol Simpson

CEO and Founder

Best gift I ever got: When I was eight years old, one of my uncles gave me miniature animal figurines as a Christmas present. It was such a magical moment.

Favourite memory: Eating watermelon with my Dad at the side of the highway beside one of his 18-wheelers just south of Dawson Creek.

Misconception about me: That I don’t know much. Oh, wait, I don’t.

Guilty Pleasure: Gummy bears.

Favourite Activities: Hanging out with family and friends. Politics. Scrabble and KenKen. Reading fiction. Watching Netflix. Cross-stitch. Duplicate Bridge.

Preferred superpower: Being able to cook. Yes, I consider that a superpower.

Me in five words or less: Short and feisty.

Pet peeves: People who feel entitled; broken or inefficient social systems; packaging that is difficult to open.

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Heather Linka

Neurodiversity Employment Consultant

Best gift I ever got: My cat (and son), Rafiki.

Favourite memory: Sitting up on a big platform rock on a hot day at my childhood cottage in Honey Harbour, Ontario, as my family and cousins were playing and jumping into the lake (I was a shy kid).

Misconception about me: That I won’t be as tough as I am!

Guilty Pleasure: Binge watching mindless TV shows while eating junk food in bed.

Favourite Activities: Yoga, spending time outside, attending live music events, hosting friends for drinks and snacks.

Preferred superpower: Teleportation.

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Bailey Ratcliffe

Software Testing Engineer

Best gift I ever got:  My first computer when I was around 10, 11, or 12. I still have certain parts from that computer to this day that I use in my current rig.

Guilty pleasure:   $5 giant Kitkat bars. Sometimes I just can’t resist.

Secret talent: I type at a speed of 120 words-per-minute and I’ve never practiced this ‘talent’ at all. It just came naturally to me over time.

Me in five words or less:  “He’s not all there.” I tend to lose myself in my own thoughts quite often. I have a lot going on in my head and it can make me forgetful at times.

Pet peeves:  Hot days, small yappy dogs and people who misuse or mispronounce words consistently. Like when people say “Nuclear” as “Nucular” or “Espresso” as “Expresso,” things like that.

Darren Yip

Software Testing Engineer

Personal motto: ”You need a place to go every day,” and “Find the torture you’re comfortable with.” I like simple bits of wisdom that can be found on YouTube interviews of famous people (often comedians).

Quirky fact about me: In the mid 90’s I watched the movie Jurassic Park at least 10 times in the span of a year.

Preferred superpower: To play any sport like a professional athlete, and not get seriously hurt.

Favourite activities: Walking the dog. Repeatedly attempting to learn Chinese. Watching Bob Ross paint on Netflix. Playing table tennis helps me focus, but not think too much. It’s a good feeling.

Pet peeves:  When the bus driver opens all the doors on the bus to let people in and I have skipped taking an earlier bus in order to be at the front of the line to get a good seat.


Software Testing Engineer

Misconception about me:     Most people think I am way younger than I am . At least I hear it a lot .

Best gift I ever got:  The soccer ball my aunt gave me when I was young and on vacation with my parents in Eastern Europe. I guess it’s because they are semi-poor there and she still gave me a present.

Preferred superpower:  Flying

Quirky fact about me:   Some people say I have an accent but I can’t hear it

Pet peeves:  People who are always stating their opinions. I guess it is hard to avoid having one.